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September 3, 2010  |  by Solomon Golomb


academician, beautician, biometrician, clinician, diagnostician, dietician, econometrician, electrician, geometrician, logician, magician, mathematician, mechanician, metaphysician, metrician, mortician, obstetrician, optician, patrician, pediatrician, phonetician, physician, politician, pyrotechnician, rhetorician, statistician, tactician, technician, theoretician.  (I don’t include Phoenician.)


auctioneer, balladeer, buccaneer, cannoneer, caravaneer, charioteer, engineer, fusileer, gadgeteer, marketeer, mountaineer, musketeer, mutineer, pamphleteer, pioneer, privateer, profiteer, puppeteer, racketeer, rocketeer, sloganeer, sonneteer, volunteer.


anthologist, anthropologist, apologist, archaeologist, Assyriologist, astrologist, bacteriologist, biologist, craniologist, criminologist, cryptologist, cytologist, dermatologist, ecologist, Egyptologist, embryologist, entomologist, etymologist, geologist, gerontologist, graphologist, gynecologist, hematologist, herpetologist, histologist, ichthyologist, ideologist, immunologist, kinesiologist, metagrobologist, meteorologist, metrologist, mixologist, mycologist, myrmecologist, mythologist, neurologist, odontologist, oenologist, oncologist, ophthalmologist, ornithologist, paleontologist, pharmacologist, phonologist, phrenologist, physiologist,  proctologist, psychologist, rheologist, Scientologist, semiologist, serologist, Sinologist, Sovietologist, Sumerologist, Syriologist, teratologist, theologist, topologist, typologist, urologist, virologist, zoologist.  (In case you were wondering, a metagrobologist is an expert or specialist in puzzles.)


bombardier, brigadier, cashier, cavalier, financier, fusilier, gondolier, grenadier, sommelier. (There are surely more of these.)


From analogy, genealogy, mineralogy, we have analogist, genealogist, mineralogist; but despite mineral/mineralogist, we have criminal/criminologist.  Are there other –alogists?

Note: Some previous Gambits columns have included –eer words, or –ology words, from different perspectives than the present column.

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  1. Good list – I was curious about the ‘-iers’ as it popped itnto my head the other night. Incidentally, you’ve got fusilier and fusileer (the same?)


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